HYC's fleet of yachts includes both owned and charter managed power and sail yachts offering clients access to a diverse fleet of yachts ranging from 24’ power boats ideal for inland fishing and water sports such as tubing and 36' Down Eastern-style, blue-hull picnic yachts ideal for relaxing day trips and weekend getaways up to 100' yachts and larger offering expansive, luxurious room for dinner and evening cruises, longer, extended cruises or even just staying at the dock. HYC charter excursions all have a U.S. Coast Guard licensed Captain and additional crew as required or requested.

All boats are considered uninspected vessels unless specifically inspected by the U.S. Coast Guard. Uninspected vessels less than 100-tons are limited by the USCG to 6 passengers under a standard charter lease and 12 passengers for 100-ton vessels. Class I, II, III & IV are uninspected vessels and Class V are inspected vessels. The number of passengers permitted on an inspected vessel is limited by its Certificate of Inspection issued by the USCG. Almost all pleasure boats, including most boats for charter, are uninspected vessels.