NYC to Hamptons

HYC is asked quite a lot if it is possible to pick up a client in NYC and cruise out to the Hamptons the same day.  While that is possible, the cruise time could be between 7 to 10 plus hours depending on the particular yacht, weather and sea conditions, and cruise speed impacting fuel burn rate – the faster the speed, the greater the fuel usage and cost.

An alternative would be to make the trip from NYC to the Hamptons a multi-day excursion leaving NYC and, on the first day, heading to one of many beautiful, quaint harbors along the north shore of Long Island.

The above sample itinerary from NYC to the Hamptons contemplates stopping overnight in Port Jefferson to enjoy the shops and fine restaurants.

Port Jefferson Harbor

Port Jefferson Harbor

Port Jefferson Village

Waking the next morning and departing for the Hamptons, the course would continue along the north shore of Long Island rounding the Orient Point Lighthouse before heading back west through Gardiner’s Bay to one of many destinations in the Hamptons.

Variations of this excursion could include adding stops along the north shore of Long Island in places like Oyster Bay, Cold Spring Harbor, Huntington Bay, and Mattituck. This excursion could even include heading over to the south shore of Connecticut or even Rhode Island. And, the return leg back to NYC could be aboard the yacht but could also be coordinated with a helicopter, sea plane, car service or train.