Sunset Beach

For those charters boarding in Sag Harbor, the yacht leisurely cruises initially north out of Sag Harbor, then west past the South Ferry, then north again heading around the west side of Shelter Island to anchor just off the beach at Sunset Beach. All the while our clients are enjoying the sun, water and provisions that our Concierge is usually asked to procure for the charter.

Being a beach, there is not a dock at Sunset Beach so many of our charters use a third party water taxi to go ashore. The cost of this water taxi is $10 per person each way plus an evening surcharge of $85 after 8:30 pm. HYC usually collects this water taxi amount upfront with the Advance Provision Allowance so our clients do not have to deal with it at the time; however, some of HYC's clients do elect to just pay the water taxi in cash at the time. Some of HYC’s clients also decide to just swim or wade the short distance ashore.

Approximate cruise time from Sag Harbor to Sunset Beach depends on the particular yacht but generally ranges from just over 30 minutes to about an hour. Weather, waves and current also have an impact on cruise time as does the speed of the yacht. Normal fuel usage at a comfortable cruise speed is included in the charter quote but excessive speed or prolonged cruising can result in a fuel surcharge given the resulting additional fuel usage.

Cruise time from Three Mile Harbor (East Hampton) to Sunset Beach generally ranges from about 45 minutes to as long as 1.25 hours. An issue with Three Mile Harbor is that the length of the harbor is quite long and cruise speed is restricted within the Harbor. Depending on where a charter boards in Three Mile Harbor, it could add as much as 20 or more minutes to the cruise time just to leave the harbor.

Cruise time from Montauk to Sunset Beach generally ranges from about 45 minutes to as long as 1.75 hours.