Watch Hill

A great charter venturing outside of the Hamptons, either as a day charter or part of a multi-day, term, charter is a cruise over to Watch Hill in Rhode Island. Cruise time can be about 2 hours to over 3 hours depending on the particular yacht and the weather and sea conditions that can dictate either a direct course or a slightly more protected course using Plum Island and Fishers Island to block the wind and wave direction. There is an additional fuel surcharge for this charter.

Watch Hill provides an island like vacation amidst beaches, shops, restaurants, sweeping lawns and gorgeous water views.

Arriving in Watch Hill Harbor by yacht, there are restaurants and shopping within walking distance.

And, Watch Hill Harbor faces west providing the perfect setting to watch the sun set after a long day relaxing on the yacht or enjoying one of Watch Hill’s beautiful beaches.

If the charter to Watch Hill is part of a multi-day, term charter, our clients can either opt to stay aboard the yacht overnight or can stay at one of Watch Hills hotels including the beautifully renovated Ocean House.